brandon r. schrand


book-jacketThe Enders Hotel picked up a good review in the recent issue of Fourth Genre, one of the leading journals of literary nonfiction. The reviewer,  Jocelyn Bartkevicius, writes, in part, the following:

“[The Enders Hotel] is a book about longing for absent men. The book opens with a gorgeous but brief chapter called ‘Restless Men,’ which links the details of an accidental shooting at the hotel’s bar during his mother’s shift to Schrand’s absent biological father (who served time in the same prison the shooter gets sentenced to). The absence of this father, whom Schrand has never met, haunts the rest of the story intermittently, mostly in the form of his longing for some glimpse of that father… The restless, disappearing men and the crumbling hotel become points of memory in a past that is stalked and recreated in this book.”

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