brandon r. schrand


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Matt McGowan
Francis Goldin Literary Agency
57 E. 11th St. Suite 5B
New York, NY 10003
mm [at] 

One thought on “contact

  1. Jim & Kathy Baxter says:

    After receiving glowing comments about Brandon Schrand yesterday, February 18th, from an attendee at our Lakeview Writer’s Festival held last June, we couldn’t hold it in. “His conversational style and the one-on-one time he gave me.”
    We have now seen firsthand his ability to give a memorable keynote address and deliver on a workshop. And then there is his writing. After reading the first page of The Enders Hotel, where a man just shot and killed his best friend: “It was an accident, a drunken misunderstanding, as so many of these things are.” It was the last part that did it for me (I think they call it periodic syntax. I call it, “good.”).
    So much talent. So little time to get it all in.
    Jim & Kathy Baxter

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