brandon r. schrand


One thought on “events

  1. Kim Moore says:

    Brandon.I just read you’re book Enders Cafe.It was such a good read and resonated with me because I am only 4 yrs older than you and also grew up in soda springs.a lot of the people a and incidences you wrote about resonated strongly with me.I bet that cute girl you were looking forward to going on a date with was Rosetta(Rosey)Walters.they lived 3 houses down from us and I loved to play there because they had a new baby every year! And yes Willie Call was like the Jason Mamoa of soda springs.i went to school with Vince and Andrea.I loved when you’re family ran the Enders because in the spring they would do a scallop plate special.we ate a lot of trout but I got my love of seafood from there.I miss the sound of the train while I’m sleeping at night too.Its sad it is closing once again.Rex Maughn did such a wonderful job and it was wonderful of him to donate it to the city…..but how in this day and age do you keep it going.sadly most people don’t care about history any more.Many memories though will live on.thanks again,hope you and you’re family are doing well,and I look forward to reading some of you’re other writings😊 Kim owen moore

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